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Kenya, my home and my pride

Born and raised in Nairobi Kenya, it is only right that I dedicate my first post to the land that has made me the person I am today.

Despite its association with wildlife and greenery, Africa may not be the first thought to cross the minds of many individuals when talking about sustainability. However, many would be shocked to learn of the projects currently being implemented within the continent to preserve the resources we have. Ranging from hydroelectricity to solar power, our sustainability efforts are wide and diverse. For now, I would like to focus particularly on the subject of sustainable tourism.

Blessed with some the most exotic species of wildlife and masterfully painted landscapes, Kenya attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. As a business, tourism is responsible for up to 20% of my country’s GDP. Therefore, it goes without saying that creating a sustainable business model is critical to maintaining the growth of my nation’s economy.


Over the past few years, Kenya has placed a great emphasis on preserving our tourism. Rather than building huge hotels that endanger wildlife and threaten the culture of the surrounding communities, the emphasis is on working in partnership with the local people, ensuring your holiday travel in Kenya has the lowest possible environmental impact. A great example of such an establishment is The Sasaab Samburu Lodge. This hotel implements multiple strategies such as:-

  1. Use of solar energy for over 70% of their lighting and heating operations
  2. Reducing energy consumption through use of Compact Flourescent Lamps (CFLs), central switches for rooms and restricted use of high energy equipment
  3. The camp is designed from local material and blends in with the natural environment with minimal disturbance of the environment
  4. Over 90% of the staff are employed from the local community
  5. Staff are provided with a proper remuneration and an opportunity to learn and develop their skills through training and education

So next time you think sustainable, think Kenya


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  1. Thanks for the insight. I definitely agree that Kenya is doing a great job balancing industrialization and sustainability (not an easy task). I think the concept of eco-tourism is brilliant because they go hand in hand. It makes complete sense to have minimal impact on the wildlife if that represents 20% of GDP. Hopefully I get to go and experience eco-tourism in kenya someday.

  2. Love the idea of preserving natural wildlife and using using tourism to drive Kenya’s economic growth in the long run.

    Eco-tourism definitely unites while enhances the three concerns under the triple bottom line for business.

    I can’t wait to see Kenya’s natural beauty one day.

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  4. Wow, I definitely want to visit Kenya and experience all it has to offer especially the natural wildlife. Since I love traveling, I read travel blogs and I have noticed that eco-tourism is becoming more popular in the tourism and hospitality industry. Especially when it comes to sites that are so old and have to be preserved such as Pompeii, Italy, as tourists, we have to become more aware of how we explore certain parts of the world. Some sustainable practices include making sure we throw our garbage in the bins, we do not destroy the environment and cause as minimal environmental impact as possible. This can prevent the place from being extinct and let it still be accessible to tourists like us.

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